ZeelandZoundZ Foundation

For 5 years now, the mission of the ZeelandZoundZ Foundation from the Netherlands is, to close the gap between commercial media productions and young talents or amateur artists with a limited budget. Exploiting an own studio for audio recording and film productions, we already could archive the collaboration in some international productions. We believe that creativity and dreams should’nt be limited for any financial reasons, so we provide recording, mastering, videoproductions, graphic design and even webdesign for a fraction of the costs at commercial companies. Just because we want to make dreams come true combined with a large media network from all over the world. Several months ago, we started our AirStream radio broadcast to provide 24/7 airplay for our featured artists.

If our idealism would be translated in cash, our staff and volounteers would be millionaires. Unfortuneally, it’s still reality, that our rental costs, equipement and licenses………are paid from public founds and donations. So it’s a pleasure for us to see others getting rich and famous with the same level of professionality as we do. We just believe that real passion is not limited by money, but only by your own imagination.

So, what are your dreams and how can we help you ?

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 ZeelandZoundZ Foundation/Stichting ZeelandZoundZ/Stiftung ZeelandZoundZ
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4411 BB Rilland
(The Netherlands)


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